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Fire chickens, and non-fire chickens! Don’t worry, the chickies were only away from their mother for a few minutes to take these.

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uugh it feels like i got punched in the gut.


The block/ignore function on here is way too weak like I need an option where the person I block can’t see any of my posts and can’t reblog any of my posts and when they attempt to reblog my shit a message pops up that says to go fuck themselves

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costanza-is-a-cannibal asked: most memorable experience?

my most memorable experience would probably my grad night, i was super buzzed and i grabbed a guy i knew liked me a lot and kissed him before running off back to the dance floor. hehehe.

normally i would never do something like that because irl i’m rly shy and stuff. 


Fashion Bomb Daily - Bombshell of the Day, Lizzy from Texas

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i just called my manga “weeabooks” and i wanna punch myself

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